Applied Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory

Applied laser spectroscopy laboratory (ALSL) is located in the mechanical engineering building on Purdue University’s West Lafayette Campus. Fundamental light matter interactions are investigated with the assistance of various laser spectroscopic techniques, such as laser induced fluorescence (LIF), coherent anti-stokes raman scattering (CARS) and polarization spectroscopy (PS). These diagnostic techniques are further developed under different probing conditions to suit in modern combustion diagnostics.

High Pressure Laboratory

The new High pressure laboratory (HPL) is located in the Zucrow Labs research facilities adjacent to the Purdue University Airport, dedicated in September 2017. The new laboratory space includes five new test cells for air breathing propulsion research, a 2000 sq. ft. laser laboratory, fabrication shops for mechanical and electronic components, a process mechanical room, and three control rooms for experiment monitoring and control.  The laser laboratory spans the length of the five test cells with three window openings connecting each test cell to the laser lab. The laser lab dimensions provide the capacity to move laser tables into various positions to serve whichever test cell requires a particular optical measurement technique. Five flexible fume arms, located in the laser lab, one corresponding to each test cell space, provide 16,000 slpm of exhaust scavenging for small atmospheric pressure flames used for reference measurements for laser diagnostics. Bottled gaseous fuels, oxidizers, and inert gases are regulated to required pressure outside the building and delivered to the laser lab for use with the atmospheric pressure burners.